1 Feb 2011

Zoraida Gomez and her uber hotness just made my day

Zoraida Gomez Hombre

Oh my, my favorite mens magazine from Mexico, H para Hombres or simply… Hombre apparently has a special issue for USA as well. It’s still in Spanish though, maybe because it’s meant for your Maxican lawnmen, eh? That explains a lot. I didn’t knew anything about the US issue until this day and I’m quite happy because I’ve found it.

The US version of Hombre magazine has just featured Zoraida Gomez, a really popular and extremely gorgeous Mexican Actress, totally scorching up the pages of the February issue. February is also the month of Valentine’s day and I think this girl might be the perfect Valentine’s gift for me. I don’t ask for too much, right?

Anyways,  this peach was apparently named after Cervantes’ Don Quixote and Zoraida is a name just as hot as she is. She’s well known (in Mexico for sure) for her role in Rebelde but from what I’ve seen, she also starred in other local soap operas that we probably won’t watch.

I’d better stop here and leave you guys click on the sexy thumbnails. Enjoy!