3 Jul 2012

Zoe Duchesne shows off her killer curves in lingerie

Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you today the hottest Canadian model you probably don’t know yet. Her name is Zoe Duchesne and, even though she’s relatively unknown for us, apparently she’s a pretty successful model, at least in Canada and France, where she already appeared on the covers of several fashion magazines and .. posing for a variety of top designers.

No clue why it took us this long to discover this peach.. but I was happy as a puppy with two tails when I’ve found this ridiculously sexy lingerie photoshoot with her this morning. If you ask me, Zoe is not only one of the hottest Canadian models, but she’s also the proud owner of one of the sexiest bodies I’ve ever drooled over, and you can see why I say such as thing by gawking at any one of these pictures.

She has the legs, the looks, the cleavage, the naughty factor.. she’s exactly the type of girl I’d call “drop dead sexy”. This awesome lingerie photoshoot with Zoe Duchesne looking all kinds of hot is probably the best way to get you acquainted with her hotness. Enjoy!