23 Jul 2013

Zil – Vladimir Putin’s Next Limo

Back in February Marussia Motors and Russian website Cardesign were hosting a design contest for a new presidential limo for Vladimir Putin. After more than 100 suggestions have been submitted, the contest has come to an end and the vehicle envisioned by Yaroslav Yakovlev and Bernd Weel is the winner.

It seems the new limousine design was envisioned over the course of three weeks, and the end result is quite impressive. I don’t have to tell you this, just look at it; and you’ll see it’s “sub zero cool”. The vehicle sports a long hood and an imposing front end with huge Rolls-Royce-inspired fascia and, hopefully, will house an impressive engine to match.

Round the back, the design is more original, with unique taillamps and a center-mounted dual-exhaust system. To me, it kinda looks like a Bentley Continental mounted a Rolls-Royce Phantom, somewhere on a dark road from Great Britain, and there you have it.. the end result of a mechanical labour of love. Still cool, though, no doubt about that.

No word on whether this ZiL concept will be put into production, but if it does there’s a pretty good chance it will become the most exquisite presidential limo ever to roam the streets. It’s up to Vladimir Putin to decide. But for me it’s quite exciting to find out if this vision of dark beauty, luxury and extravaganza will be available to common mortals, as well. Now, that would truly be cool!