4 Jan 2011

Yup, These School Pictures are surely Awkward!

Awkward school pictures

Remember those awkward pictures from school we all laugh of years later? Just when you thought the past was behind you, a new cool site called awkwardschoolpictures.com was launched to remind you of your awkward school days. Featuring weird photos from proms, yearbooks and sports, this site is perfect to laugh your ass off!

Silly fashion with crazy outfits, really bad haircuts and nerd glasses, weird positions, funny signs and embarrassing obsessions with action figures are now back in our attention thanks to this site. We’ve all seen a bunch of awkward kids in school and maybe some of you even were these kids and now.. the time has come to laugh about it.

We’ve selected only the 30 most awkward school pictures from this site, but there are a lot more to check out!