19 Oct 2017

A Yummy Fall Cocktail – The Caramel Apple Martini

The autumn leaves are being scattered by the wind. I think it’s about time to sit on your porch, pipe at hand, sipping a delicious fall cocktail. What do you think? Yeah, I thought you’d say the same thing! So, here’s how to do just that. Don’t worry man, I’ve got you covered.

Caramel Apple Martini

Here are the ingredients:

Ice (duh.)

An ounce of Vodka

An ounce and a half of Rumchata

Two ounces of apple cider

And for the garnish:

Two cups of crushed graham crackers

A tablespoon of cinnamon

And of course, extra gooey caramel sauce!


Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Put a couple of ice cubes inside your martini shaker, then add in your poison: the vodka, the rumchata, and the apple cider. Give that a shake. Now, let’s garnish! In a small plate, combine your cinnamon with your crushed grahams. Pour a bit of apple cider on a separate plate. It’s time to ready the martini glasses. First, dip the rim of your martini glasses to the apple cider. This would allow your graham mixture to stick to the rim of your glass. Once your martini glasses are carefully rimmed with cider and graham mixture, time to put in some swirlies of caramel sauce in them. Get creative! And it’s also totally up to you how much of the sauce you’d want to put into your glass. Let’s start pouring. Give the martini shaker a final shake and strain the mix to your glasses.

Here’s an optional touch: get some dried apple chips and put them on top of your glass as an additional garnish.

You can prepare this for yourself or for a cozy fall dinner with the lady. Up to you. If you’re looking for cocktails to mix for your upcoming Halloween party, then don’t worry. Stay in tuned for that since a two-article series for that is coming up real soon!