13 Nov 2017

Yummiest Things To Throw Into Your Omelet

There’s no better way to start a day than a delicious omelet. But let’s face it, the egg deal is getting pretty boring especially if you throw the same things in there every single day. And even more so if you don’t put anything on it. Just the eggs.


But don’t worry bro. We’re here to the rescue. Today I’m going to share with you the yummiest things that you can add to your omelet to make your breakfast more exciting!

Milk and Butter

Here’s the basic omelet: combine two eggs with two tablespoons of whole milk and whisk. Don’t forget to grease your pan with two tablespoons of butter before you throw your eggs in there!

Turmeric and Tomatoes

Feeling more adventurous? Here’s an Indian kick to your beloved omelet. Heat some olive oil on a pan. Throw in some mustard seeds and turmeric in there and give them a little saute. Throw some chopped onions and cook them a bit. Throw in some tomatoes after and also cook them a bit. Enjoy the aroma! Once you’re satisfied with the color, add in four whisked eggs.

Bacon and Cheese

You want any dish to get yummier? Add some bacon and cheese to it. That’s my motto! Turns out, you can do that to your omelet too. Prepare your eggs by whisking them beforehand. Yeah, you know the drill. Cook the bacon first too. Once the bacon’s cooked, chop it into small pieces. You may want to slice an avocado too, but that’s entirely up to you. Grate your choice of cheese. Once the ingredients are ready, start cooking your egg. Next, sprinkle all these yummy additions on top!

Goat Cheese and Salsa

Finally, here’s a healthier alternative. For this omelet, you are just going to need the egg whites. Whisk it and cook as you would your regular omelet. Once you’re done cooking, sprinkle goat cheese on top and a top it with your favorite salsa!