1 Oct 2010

Yulia Beretta leaves very little to the imagination

Yulia Beretta Maxim 1

I really need some help from you guys with this girl… Yulia Beretta, a stunning babe who comes straight from Russia. I tried to search for some info about her but all I found was a bunch of sites written in Russian that even Google Translate can’t understand.

I think she’s either a model or an actress from that country and it seems she’s pretty popular since she was featured in the local issue of Maxim magazine. All I know about her is that… she’s pretty damn hot and she also loves to tease us with her groovy little body and that’s just enough to get our attention, right?

So, there you go, here’s Yulia Beretta, a beautiful babe from Russia, looking hot as a supernova for the latest issue of the Russian Maxim. Enjoy!