5 Oct 2011

Your chance to own a luxury resort in Fiji

Guess what? For “just” $8.95 million you might be the next owner of a stunning luxury resort in the heart of Fiji, on the Wakaya Island, one of the many smalls stretches of land in the South Pacific Ocean that join together to form the island nation of Fiji. The resort is called Rai Ki Wai Estate and it’s an exclusive residential heaven in this dream location.

It has 20,000 sq ft of living space in 7 suites with 9 bathrooms and features a 200 degree view of the Pacific Ocean with its turquoise and green waters. Since it’s a resort, it has been given the necessary amenities such as spa, swimming pool, an incredible interior decor with polished wood furniture, a tennis court, a volleyball court and even a helipad as well.

It also comes complete with water sports gear and ready for activities such as fishing, snorkeling and a bit of sun-bathing when you just want to relax and enjoy the breathtaking surroundings. The gardens inside the resort have hoards of palm trees and are full of exotic fruits.

The Rai Ki Wai Estate also comes with 2 Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs to get to the resort, along with 2 ATVs and passenger mini vans. It also features power generators, a water management system, laundry, storage and utility rooms and it even comes with wi-fi internet so you could visit Brosome every day. I’d buy it tomorrow but there’s a tiny problem.. where could I find $8.95 million???