18 Jul 2013

You will bow down for Daniela Braga!

Remember me, recently gawking at the uber cute Brazilian supermodel Daniela Braga? Well, I don’t.. I must’ve blacked out from her hotness or something. But, no worries, ’cause that means this new Victoria’s Secret lingerie photoshoot will be as sexier as the last one – at least! Let’s just hope I’ll remember my own name tomorrow.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I love Brazilian women; those bodacious and sexy women who could easily wake the dead and make them die of a heart attack once again. And Daniela really measures up to the standards, bombarding us with a constant flow of hotness. Although it’s possible you’ve never heard of her before, it doesn’t matter; she really makes it up in supernova hotness.

Daniela Braga is uber cute and she’s the proud owner of a sexy little body that would make any guy get down on his knees and.. well, do anything she asks.. or doesn’t! She’s really got all the right curves in all the right places and she’s oozing sex appeal like there’s no tomorrow. So, lock up your dog, kids, wife.. whatever! And just enjoy Daniela Braga!