1 May 2017

Yet Another Reason To Visit Nepal: Kung Fu Nuns

Fan of Bruce Lee? You think you’ve already watched everything related to Kung Fu? I bet you even had a couple of arguments with your friends how the movie Karate Kid has its whole title effed up, if you’re a real fan. Yes, well, it should’ve been the Kung Fu Kid, or something… right?


Nepal has been the premium destination time and again of those who believe in soulful living. The place is considered the holy land of artists, yoga enthusiasts, even hippies, and why not? The place is indeed sacred. And what’s more is that it is also a home of Kung Fu.

Ahh yes, I can already see it now. Bald head monks in uniform garbs performing a field demo of different martial art forms. But you might think, if you’re into this sort of thing, then why not visit China instead? We can jog back and forth the Great Wall, and maybe even go up that Kung Fu mountain and drink magic Kung Fu water like Dre Parker. Or just meditate by it, like Master Shifu?

Because Monks Are Not Chicks.

Seriously. Monks are cool but they’re not fighting Kung Fu chicks. Okay, I know that we are talking about nuns here and they’re not really ladies whom you can take out for dinner. But still, we are referring to bad ass women who can kick your ass whenever they want to. I can’t date Lara Croft but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’tmind seeing her in real life. Hence, the next time you’re in Nepal, do yourself a favor and visit the Druk Gawa Khilwa nunnery in Kathmandu.

It is actually a fairly new order. I know what you’re thinking. Nuns and Kung Fu, they MUST go way back, but the truth is, the Buddhist monastic system is very patriarchal and it is only in 2008 when their order decided that it’s high time for their nuns to learn about self-defense as well.