22 Oct 2012

Yes, Lina Posada is uber sexy from head to toe!

Oh my god! Here’s the jaw dropping Colombian supermodel Lina Posada showing off an onslaught of curvy hotness, and making everyone wish their significant other looked exactly like her, while posing for the new swimwear collection from a company called Irgus. Wow, wow and wow!

This girl is absolutely incredible. Get a load of that booty! And those insanely sexy curves! It’s like a freaking rollercoaster of hotness! I used to think this girl was made to wear lingerie but if there’s one thing that can actually be hotter than Lina Posada in lingerie, it’s this girl in a variety of sexy little bikinis.

And luckily for you guys and gals today we have exactly 84 photos ready to be gushed and drooled over. That should keep you occupied for at least half an hour today. See you later haha!