20 Nov 2012

Yep, Or Grossman in swimwear will mesmerize you

Here’s another supermodel from Israel that I totally love, the ridiculously hot Or Grossman, doing everything right to get me to drool over her, which is showing off her cute little body in a variety of skimpy bikinis and poses for the new collection of Vitamin Gold swimwear.

Hot damn, does she look freaking hot, or what !?? It’s been ages since the first time we’ve had the privilege of gawking at this vision of perfection but I still remember to this day how freaking impressed I was the first time I’ve seen a couple of photos with this super hottie here.

She was so stunning that for a while I even forgot about Bar Refaeli or Esti Ginzburg, and that’s saying a LOT. And this new photoshoot is more proof that she’s all kinds of hot, especially when she’s posing in swimwear. Enjoy!