11 Jan 2013

Yep, Izabel Goulart really is that scorching hot

Another day, another awesome lingerie photoshoot from our buddies at Victoria’s Secret to jump start your engines. Sounds great, right? This time we have the uber hot Izabel Goulart showing off her incredible Brazilian supermodel curves in a variety of skimpy lingerie that will probably make you feel weak at the knees.

Now I think I’ve already gawked at thousands of photos of this super hottie so I’m not easily impressed when I see new photos with her but good lord.. look at that tush !!! All these photos are ridiculously sexy but those pics from the back.. oh my, that’s what I call “ass-tastic”. It’s a travesty that we don’t see that on a daily basis.

Ok, every day might be a little exaggerated, but drooling over Izabel Goulart at least once a week, especially in photos like these, sounds pretty reasonable, eh? Enjoy!