29 Mar 2010

Yeah, Marta Cadilha really is that freaking hot!

Marta Cadilha maxmen 1

Over time we posted a lot of gorgeous Portuguese chicks here but it seems beauty is really common there and we keep finding new wonderful girls from that country that we didn’t knew. I even consider going there someday because it’s like heaven on earth from what I’ve heard and girls are definitely one of the main reasons to visit Portugal.

Today we’re going to show you a couple of amazing pictures with Marta Cadilha showing off her groovy little body in the April 2010 issue of Maxmen magazine. From what I found about her, Marta has been crowned Miss Portugal last year and went on to represent her country to the 2009 Miss World Contest who took place in December in South Africa.

She hasn’t won Miss World but we consider that a plus because she’s not going to bore us with that typical Miss-like speech: “I like world peace, blablabla, inner beauty matters, not skin and blablabla again”. This babe decided she needs more attention and she made the right decision for her career and that is posing for a really, really HOT phoshoot for a mens magazine.