14 May 2010

Yeah, Irina Sheik’s bikini body really is that sexy

Irina Sheik Otto Swimwear 1

It’s been a while since we’ve last posted some fresh pictures with Irina Sheik and I have to say we kinda missed her. She’s one of our favorite models and with her unique and exotic look she would easily stand out from the rest of the pack with hot supermodels.

She has the body of a Brazilian supermodel but she’s all Russian and she is probably the hottest thing to come out from Russia since Vodka went global. Even though she’s pretty popular at the moment I still think she doesn’t get as much attention as other models and she definitely deserves it.

This girl can rock a bikini better than almost everyone else and she has a certain gaze in her eyes that will make you shiver. Anyway, Irina Sheik showed off her tight little body in a couple of sexy bikinis for Otto’s Swimwear 2010 Collection. Enjoy.