16 Mar 2010

Yeah, Claudia Ciardone really is that freaking hot

Claudia Ciardone Paparazzi 1

Claudia Ciardone is one of the most popular models from Argentina where she amazed a lot of people with her freaking hot pictorials from certain mens magazines. Probably every magazine from Argentina featured this gorgeous babe at least once in their pages and in time Claudia became known as the “Queen of all Thongs”.

Judging by the pics we’ve found with her, we can totally see why she was called like that. This blonde stunner has a perfectly shaped body and besides her bubbly ass she also has a curvy rack and a gorgeous face that will make you go gaga, and not lady gaga, instantly.

I haven’t found any exact details about her and don’t now how old she is or if she has done anything in her life besides showing off that tight body but I’ve found her facebook and noticed she lives in Los Angeles so this means she’s ready to take over US too. Hope she learns English because that’s a major factor in doing that.

Anyway, here we’ve got some stupendous pictures with Claudia Ciardone from Paparazzi Online, March 2010 where this babe shows us all why she is also called the Queen of all thongs.