10 Nov 2010

Yang Qi Han is way sexier than her name

Yang Qi Han lingerie 1

We’ve featured a bunch of Asian girls on our site until now because… we all have a thing for Asian girls, right? but I think we’ve never featured a Chinese girl here on Brosome. So… since the material was rather crappy today, we’ve found a Chinese hottie showing off her beautiful curves in a sweet lingerie and ping-pong themed photoshoot.

I don’t know exactly how Chinese people name their kids, I just assume they throw a rock down the stairs and they just name their kid after the sounds it makes. Maybe that’s how this peach got the name Yang Qi Han and it’s definitely a name to remember.

From what I found out… she’s a pretty popular model in her country and she also sings now and then so we could say this girl is pretty talented. Since ping pong is a major sport in China, someone thought it would be a great idea to make a pink-pong themed photoshoot with Yang Qi Han.

To make it even better, they decided this Oriental delight should be wearing skimpy lingerie but I still wonder: what would a Chinese guy do with her? Invite her to play ping pong or video games? What I’d do is pretty damn obvious.