12 Jun 2013

Xenia Deli is hotter than the sun

Who would have thought that Moldavia would offer the world such amazing beauty?! And I’m not talking about sightseeing, either. Here she is, one of the most perfectly created babes I’ve ever seen from Eastern Europe, hottie Xenia Deli, looking like her usual vision of perfection and showing off her drool inducing cleavage, legs, lips, smile, etc… in a brand new set of swimwear photos from Kom.

It’s quite obvious by now that.. she’s my uber crush and that this peach looks insanely hot whenever she’s showing off her tight little body in sexy bikinis. By God, she’s perfect from head to toe! Good thing I’m sitting down.. This Moldavian super hottie has taken the world by storm with her ridiculously fine self and, as you’re about to see from these photos, she looks absolutely flawless in a couple of sexy bikinis.

I’ve drooled over many photos of Xenia Deli but these are some of the hottest photos I’ve ever seen with her. And if these pics won’t completely melt you into a puddle.. well, you’re dead, in which case you’re already stiff as a board! For the rest of us, it’s quite obvious that there’s only one thing to say: Wow, wow and wow..

We want more from this ball of sweetness. Enjoy!