19 Jun 2012

Xenia Deli in lingerie is as seductive as the dark side

Our internet wasn’t working the other day. I think our neighbors forgot to pay their bill or something. How irresponsible of them haha. Anyways, I really can’t think of a better way to jump start your engines in this fine Tuesday morning other than posting these brand spanking new lingerie photos of my new uber crush from Moldova, the lovely Xenia Deli.

Hot damn, this peach took over the entire internet with her groovy little body in these past months and, even though I’ve probably gushed over hundreds of photos of her already, I still wanna see more, and more, and more. If I could gawk at a new set of photos with this girl in lingerie (or in bikinis) every single morning while I sip my coffee I’d be so freaking pleased with my life.

Apart from being almost close to perfection, I’m pretty sure that Xenia Deli also has an adorable accent that makes you melt into a puddle pretty damn fast… I’m saying that because I’m a sort of Moldovan hottie connoisseur since I’m dating a cutie from that country right now. Yeah, I’m a lucky bastard, beat that!

Having said that, here’s Xenia Deli looking like a ball of sweetness while posing in skimpy lingerie for Bare Necessities and Frederick’s of Hollywood. Enjoy!