20 Sep 2017

The Wrong Answers That Might Screw Up Your Interview

Landing that dream job is not that easy. You need to work up your credentials. You need to come up with an impressive (yet honest) resume. You need to suit up. And finally, you need to ace the dreaded interview.

Screw Up Your Interview

And there lies the challenge. You can work for your credentials even while still in school, or through internships or by just, you know, working really hard. You don’t need to impress anyone on the spot while you’re brewing that perfect resume dressed only in your boxers, beer in hand, in front of the computer screen. And of course, every bro needs a suit. But the real challenge arises during the interview. You can’t fidget. You need to relax. Somehow, you also need to remember how to breathe. Finally, you need to answer all the questions correctly like your life is depended on it! Hence, to help you out here are three common interview question with all the right and wrong answers for your reference because we got your back, bro!

What is your greatest weakness or flaw?

The usual answers: I’m a perfectionist. Or workaholic. Or overachiever.

These answers are wrong. Here’s the deal, your interviewer knows you have a weakness there somewhere, and passing off your weakness as a strength is not a good idea. Instead, think of an answer which is first, sincere, and second, will give you some room to grow as an employee. Of course, don’t choose one that will make you lose that opportunity – for instance applying as a sales agent and telling them you’re anti-social.

Why do you want to work here?

The usual answers: I need a job. Or I think it’s a great company to work for.

These answers are again, wrong. Tell the company how you can help them, and not the other way around. Here’s a good time to show off how much you’ve researched about the company, about its reputation, its objectives, products, services, and how you can help with all of that.

Do you have any questions for us?

The usual answers: None. Or how much is my salary going to be?

Again, the job is all about the company and not about you. So instead of getting to know the perks you are going to get along with the job, why not take this time to learn more about the company. Ask what the interviewer likes about working in the company? Ask about how the role you are applying for fits inside the organization of the company?

In the end, all you really need to keep in mind is this, and we’ve reiterated it above already: it’s not about you. It’s about the company and the job. About how you’re going to help and fit into the company. And not how the company is going to benefit you. Keeping this in mind will help you towards the right path of landing that job. Good luck!