25 Jun 2012

Wowzers! Belen Rodriguez looking her absolute sexiest!

Oh boy, if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to cure your Monday blues today it’s definitely this jaw dropping lingerie photoshoot, featuring a hottie we haven’t seen in a long, long time. Here’s my favorite supermodel from Argentina, the criminally underrated (if you ask me) Belen Rodriguez blowing the roof off with these awesome lingerie photos.

Now I don’t know exactly if these pics are brand spanking new or not but.. since I haven’t seen ’em yet, I’m going to assume they’re new. You probably won’t even care about that when you’ll gawk at this drop dead sexy display of cleavage, legs, tush, all around hotness and so on…

Good lord, not only is this peach screaming hot and looks almost close to perfection, but the way she’s flirting with the camera makes everything ten times better. This is hands down one of the sexiest photoshoot of the month. Enjoy!