21 Aug 2012

Wow, Vanessa Fonseca is new and drop dead sexy

Yay, we’ve discovered another Brazilian bombshell I’m pretty sure you guys don’t know yet, a gorgeous model who goes by the name Vanessa Fonseca and has all it takes to make you go gaga. I’m pretty sure you’ve already noticed how much I like Brazilian supermodels and this girl is the perfect example as to why I love hotties from that country so much.

She has the right curves in all the right places and, just like any other Brazilian beauty, she looks like a sexy little minx whenever she tries on some lingerie. These are the type of photos that could actually take your breath away and if they won’t convince you to remember her name from now on then I guess nothing will..

I should also mention that these photos are a couple of years old but// you probably won’t care about that after you’ll click on the first photo. This display of hotness is the perfect way to end a casual Tuesday so.. that’s it for today mates. Enjoy!