17 Oct 2013

Wow! Tetyana Veryovkina’s hotness will make you go blind

If you were planning on going home and surfing the web in a chill atmosphere, you’ve got another thing commin’! Because once you get a glimpse of this blonde supernova hottie you’re gonna be as high as a kite, with no strings attached and no wind in your sails. This ultra perfect Ukrainean model is smokin’ hot while tightening you up in some mind blowing Kinga lingerie outfits. It’s not the first time Tetyana Veryovkina turns us to jelly, but daaaaaaaamn..

Sure, Tetyana Veryovkina is out of my league – painful, but true – but who knows; I may become a millionaire tomorrow and then I’ll probably get her – everyone knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend; of course, Tetyana doesn’t need any. She’s shinning bright on her own!

Iff you guys find more info or hot photos of the exquisite Tetyana Veryovkina; we’d be delighted to hear more about her – yeah, right, like any of you guys has paid any attention to anything I just wrote. The essential is clear: blonde goddess in need of our attention! Someone locate her, I’m packing as I type to offer this sweetie my services and I’ll be there, even if it means I have to crawl! Hot mama!