13 Aug 2012

Wow, Shalana Santana is a major knockout!

Wow, wow and wow. I don’t know if you guys are ready to be totally mesmerized by another Brazilian supermodel you probably don’t know yet, but.. I’m gonna start even if you’re not. Say hello to Shalana Santana, a girl that’s pretty damn close to the definition of perfection, in every sense of the word.

Seriously mates, it’s physically impossible to look more beautiful than she already does. Her body is so ridiculously hot and looks like it was created by, well, me… She has the cleavage, the lips, the legs, the tush, the eyes, the smile, the .. all around hotness that will make you drool like a brain-dead zombie in just a couple of seconds after clicking on the first photo.

And did I mention that she’s ridiculously hot? I did? Ok ok, she’s perfect, really, really hot and even her name sounds sexy. I’m gonna write it here again just to be sure you’ll remember it from now on. Here’s Shalana Santana looking uber stunning and unleashing her awesome Brazilian supermodel sexiness while posing in lingerie and swimwear for Otto. These pics are not brand new but I’m sure you’ll be all over them… Enjoy!