29 Mar 2012

Wow, Rhian Sugden is so hot she can melt a glacier

Now I’m not going to say much because the pictures speak for themselves but holy freaking Batman, does Rhian Sugden look like the a supernova of hotness or what !? Not that I was expecting anything less from one of the hottest glamour models from the UK but hot damn she has one hell of a tight body and she looks beyond stunning in lingerie.

This girl is the definition of the term “British bombshell” and it’s one of the many reasons I like the Brits a lot. She’s perfect actually and she cares about the lads a lot since she’s showing off almost every inch of her groovy little body pretty often. I’m used to see her barely wearing any clothing but I have to say that seeing Rhian in hotness amplifying lingerie might be even better than that.

Anyways, I’ve said I won’t say much so.. here’s British hottie Rhian Sugden showing off her amazing body in one heck of a lingerie photoshoot for Obsessive lingerie. Once again.. wow!