5 Nov 2012

Wow, Nicole Meyer unleashes her groovy little curves

Holy smokes! Here’s another gorgeous up and coming supermodel you probably don’t know yet, a South African hottie who goes by the name Nicole Meyer and looks incredibly sultry both in swimwear and in lingerie as well. This peach was recently featured in the South African version of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue and, just a couple of days later, this awesome photoshoot came out.

The guys (or girls) at Ann Summers picked the breathtaking Nicole Meyer to show off their brand new lingerie collection and this looks like a mix made in heaven. Nicole in hotness amplifying lingerie is ridiculously hot from head to toe and, after taking just one glance at these pictures, it’s not to hard to understand why I’m going to say that this girl will be your new favorite hottie.

Good lord, this photoshoot is oozing serious sex appeal, and it’s all because Nicole is unbelievably hot. If these photos won’t make you remember her name from now on then.. I don’t know what will. Enjoy!