24 Apr 2012

Wow, Natalia Velez will knock your socks off!

Whoa, I don’t know if Brosome is really big in Colombia or not or if you guys really, really love hotties from that country but, after featuring a new Colombian model the other day, one of you jumped with an e-mail on us saying that… “the hottest Colombian model is Natalia Velez. Period.”

I know she’s dreamy and close to perfection since I remember her jaw dropping lingerie photoshoot for Besame like it was yesterday (here it is)  and I also can’t forget her SuperBowl ad either but, wait for it.. ’cause apparently there’s more.. Thanks to Nick, the guy who was kind enough to email us this morning, we have a couple of brand spanking new photos with this Colombian bombshell. A “couple” being exactly 80 AMAZING photos of this peach.

Here’s the scorching hot Natalia Velez showing off her ridiculously sexy/perfect body in this drool inducing swimwear photoshoot. I don’t know exactly for which company it was but kudos to them for this awesome campaign. Enjoy and, in case anyone catches you gawking like a fool at this girl, tell them I’ve said it’s good for your health.

PS: Thanks Nick, all bros love you today for this.