19 Jun 2012

Wow, Marta Gut is super sultry and ridiculously sexy

Just when I thought I discovered almost all supermodels from Poland, I’ve received an email this morning saying that I should Google Marta Gut and I won’t be disappointed by what I’ll find. So.. I’ve Googled this peach and yeah, I can’t say I was disappointed when my jaw went straight to the floor, right !??

Holy freaking Batman, this girl is so hot that she can melt the entire polar ice cap. She’s another Polish bombshell who loves to pose in lingerie or in sexy bikinis and… she has the right curves in all the right places to turn us into a pack of brain-dead drooling zombies. Just look at her and tell me if I’m wrong.

Anyways, here’s Polish supermodel Marta Gut showing everyone how insanely hot girls from this country can be in this gallery of bikini photos from Lupo. Enjoy your scrumptious dose of bikini sexiness and stick around ’cause we also have more photos of this peach that we’ll post in the future.