22 Jun 2011

Wow, Lucy Pinder’s hotness can melt an iceberg!

Here’s British bombshell Lucy Pinder doing what she does best for a new drool inducing photoshoot for “Linx Dry” (that’s UK’s equivalent for Axe from what I’ve heard). And in case you’re clueless and wondering what is it that she does best… it’s looking absolutely stunning and showing off her perfectly shaped body. Wowzers!

And if these photos aren’t enough to knock you off your chair there’s even a video behind the scenes courtesy of our friends from DJMick (good job mates) that will surely make your day. Let me tell you what you’re about to see in the video: Lucy naked in a bath covered in suds, a couple of mind blowing lingerie scenes, a soapy car wash scene and even a girl on girl kiss. That video will surely make your day!

So… here’s Lucy Pinder showing off her every single curve of her groovy little body and proving to the world that she’s one of the most amazing women right now in this photoshoot for Lynx Dry. One more time… wow!

[via DJMick]