2 Aug 2011

Wow, Kate Upton is the definition of perfection!

Holy mother of Batman! First time I’ve seen a couple of photos with the uber hot Kate Upton trying to milk a cow for a SoBe campaign I’ve thought it couldn’t get any better than that but… just a couple of months later the guys from Complex had the brilliant idea of making a jaw dropping photoshoot with this blonde bombshell looking like the sexiest farm girl you’ve ever seen!

Here she is looking totally smoking hot with barely any clothes on, in high heels trying to milk a cow once again and playing with farm animals. Now do I really have to start talking about how freaking sexy this peach looks? Or how she’s one of the few girls on the entire planet who looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing or doing? Or how she’s the proud owner of one of the sexiest bodies in existence even though she’s just 19 right now??

Didn’t think so. These photos probably speak for themselves and the bonus video from Complex will make you squirm in your chair. Enjoy the photos and head over to Complex to read an interview with Kate Upton as well.