27 Aug 2012

Wow, Jenna Pietersen looks so sexy you’ll squirm!

Holy Smokes! Here’s South African supermodel Jenna Pietersen getting sultry and looking all kinds of uber hot while posing for the new Triumph Essence lingerie collection. Now I’m not going to gush over how perfect Jenna is, and how much she’s oozing sex appeal from any of these photos, because I’m pretty speechless right now.

I don’t even know if I can find the right words to describe the hotness from these photos; that’s how impressed I am by this photoshoot.  We’ve featured Jenna Pietersen a couple of times in here but I think these are some of the hottest photos, if not THE hottest photos, I’ve ever seen with her.

This girl has an insanely sexy body and looks amazing from every angle needed to convince you that she is in fact one of the most gorgeous babes on the planet. Enjoy!