7 Nov 2011

Wow, Inez Lajblich looks like a freaking super hottie!

If you’re a regular Brosome reader then you probably know how much I dig Polish hotties, right? Almost as much as I love Brazilian supermodels and that’s saying A LOT. We’ve featured many gorgeous models from Poland you’ve probably never heard of and today we’re going to do that once again.

Meet Inez Lajblich, a brunette bombshell from Poland with the right curves in all the right places who looks absolutely stunning in lingerie, here for Lupoline. Say what you will about her, but I think she has one of the most tight bodies I’ve drooled over lately. Seriously, from head to toe, this girl rocks.

I’m planning to go in a short trip to Poland in the next months and see if girls from there are actually as hot as these Polish models. It’s risky, ’cause if it’s true and all Polish girls are this beautiful, I might fall in love and I’ll probably stop updating this site. Nah, love won’t keep me busy, sex will haha.