6 Sep 2011

Wow, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in bikinis !!!

Holy Mother of Batman!!! This is exactly why every guy on the face of the planet has heard of and surely loves the scorching hot cheerleaders from Dallas Cowboys. This team might not to be the best in the league but the Cowboys cheerleaders is definitely the sexiest cheerleading squad in the NFL, if not in the entire world.

These girls are hot enough to melt the entire polar ice cap and when you get to see them prancing around in those sexy little Cowboys outfits your facial reaction resembles a drooling zombie. I’m sure a lot of you guys watch Cowboys’ games just to gawk at these wonderful babes.

Now I don’t know if you guys have heard of this yet, but apparently back in June the guys who make the Dallas Cowboys Star magazine wanted to impress the team’s fans and their loyal readers with a special issue, just like SI’s renowned Swimwear Issue, they’ve made a swimsuit issue with the lovely cheerleaders from Dallas.

And… that’s exactly what you’re going to see today, even though these pics have been published a couple of months ago. So, sit back and enjoy this massive gallery of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders posing in bikinis for this special swimwear issue.