6 Jan 2011

Wow, Candice Boucher is hot no matter what!

Candice Boucher 3 Suisses

Here’s one of my favorite hotties, Candice Boucher, looking absolutely stunning and pretty darn sultry in this special photoshoot for 3 Suisses lingerie. Yeah, I know that the photos are not exactly the usual bikini scorchers we’re used to see with this peach, but this is Candice Boucher we’re talking about and she is driving our imagination crazy!

This is surely not a new haircut, it’s just a chic retro wig she put on to spice things up for this photoshoot. That’s why I like her even more. We could easily see she’s hot no matter what she’s wearing or what haircut she has and… with this chic wig on, I guess she’s into role playing as well. Sweet.

Sweet as candy that is. She’s so attractive in these photos that we won’t even add a gallery with thumbnails. We’ll add `em here in big size so you could gawk at her roller coaster curves starting right now. You’re still reading this? That’s odd, because I don’t even read it. Time to drool in 3,2,1…. Go!