25 Jul 2013

Would Batman drive a Ford F-150?

What if Batman would need some bits and pieces for his lair upkeep from Home Depot? He certainly can’t use the Batmobile, it’s quite useless when it’s not hunting or taking down criminals in Gotham City; besides, there’s no way a 4×8 sheet of plywood will fit between the wheel wells, not to mention the fact that jet turbine engines have an unfortunate tendency to set trailers on fire when towing. A lot of variables to take into consideration. But, there’s a better solution to this.

Ford decided to help the Bat out, and though up of the coolest pickup truck ever. The boys from Ford teamed up with Galpin Auto Sports to build just such a machine, and it has just debuted at Comic Con. Designed by Jared Barris – grandson of the legendary kustomizer George Barris – this 2012 Ford F-150 pickup, “Crime Fighter”, is painted Tuxedo Black with Ferrari Red highlights and is affixed with fins on each side of the truck bed. It’s nothing if not unique. Oh, and also.. the fins tell you who’s car you’re about to scratch, so.. don’t get any ideas!

Even better news from Ford, stating that they’re willing to take orders for anyone looking forward to hit the town for a night of crime-fighting action.. or Drive-In; whatever! We’re still waiting for details, such as pricing and build time from Ford. The question is, would you buy one or just hide it under your house?