1 Nov 2017

The World’s Youngest Serial Killers – The Top Ten List

How do you picture a serial killer? He would probably look like James McAvoy’s character in the movie Split. Low profile but smart yet mentally disturbed. He has probably lived long enough to be abused or tortured by equally deranged family members. But what if I tell you that a lot of the boys and girls on this list are just that – young girls and boys who look harmless and innocent?

Some of the murder committed here are just downright sick, so I really can’t gauge them based on their brutality. Hence, I’ve decided to rank them according to age instead. Spooky Halloween!

10. Harvey Miguel Robinson, 17 years old

Seventeen is probably the maximum age which I would still consider pretty young. But “pretty young” obviously wasn’t an issue for Harvey Miguel Robinson to rape and kill random women. He is currently working to lower his sentence which puts him on death row.

9. Alyssa Bustamante, 15 years old

I remember when my coach told me that chicks were actually easier to teach when it comes to mixed martial arts because they are more systematic whenever they put their mind on something. It’s probably the same case with Alyssa Bustamante – who already dug two graves in advance even before she murdered a 9-year old neighbor. In fact, she even journaled about it in great detail. She’s currently serving life without parole.

8. Edmund Kemper, 15 years old

It is said that you serve time in prison in order to rehabilitate, which means the main objective is for the criminal to reflect on his wrongdoings, change for the better, and cohabitate with other human beings again but 15 year-old Edmund Kemper proved that some criminals should simply be left in there to rot. At this young age, Edmund already killed both his grandparents. He was caught and served his time. Because he was still a juvie, he was eventually released  at the age of 21 and guess what he did? Yes, he started killing again. This time he went into a full serial killing spree with numerous women hitchhikers as victims. In fact, he even killed his own mother in the end.

7. Michael Hernandez, 14 years old

What did you dream of becoming when you were young? Was it to become a doctor? A lawyer? A pilot perhaps? Well, Michael Hernandez dreamed of becoming a serial killer and he didn’t wait long until he started putting his dreams into action. He started with his best friend, which he stabbed multiple times and left inside the bathroom to die.

6. Barry Dale Loukaitis, 14 years old

Barry’s story is straight out of the American Horror Story TV series. He opened fire in school during his algebra class killing his teacher and two other students – including the bully who have tortured him for a long time. Good job for “slaying your demons” Barry, it has earned you two life sentences.

5. Craig Price, 13 years old

Craig was only thirteen when he committed his first murder. He wasn’t caught then so he spent two more years killing people which included an 8-yr-old found with a crushed skull. Craig is currently in jail, of course, but he’s expected to be released in 2018 or earlier – wait…that’s now! This is possible thanks to his impressively good behavior in prison which includes stabbing a police officer using a weapon he made himself.

4. Jasmine Richardson, 12 years old

Being a chick would not let you get away with murder even if you are still just 12 years old in love with a self-proclaimed 300-year-old goth werewolf! And especially not after killing both your parents and your kid brother in their sleep. Oh, wait…apparently it can. In fact, Jasmine has already been released last year in Canada.

3. Mary Bell, 11 years old

Mary Bell has already murdered two boys – 3 and 4 years of age before she got caught. She originally received a life sentence, but just like Jasmine, she received a parole and was released. She was given a new identity to protect her.

2. Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, 10 year-olds

Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were only ten years old when they murdered a two-year old boy whom they lured away from his mom. How did they do this gruesome crime? By tickling the poor babe to death! Kidding. They threw stones and bricks at it. Then, when this didn’t suffice, they beat him with a heavy iron bar. And when this wasn’t enough for their blood lust, they also put his body on a railroad track to get crushed by a train! You know what the worst part is? They were both released when they were 18, given new identities, so we wouldn’t even know who they are. Mommas, lock up your baby boys. These big boys might be out hunting.

1. Amardeep Sada, 8 years old

Finally, we can now put this gruesome list to an end with Amardeep Sada, the world’s youngest serial killer…so far. At a very young age, he has already committed three murders: an 8-month old and two 6-month old babies. If you think that you can rest well in knowing that this baby killer is locked up in jail, well, you can’t. He’s not in jail. He was eventually released. His current location is unknown.