17 Jul 2017

The World’s Top Ten Most Exotic Food You’ll Ever Taste

We’ve all had or fair share of nasty dinners and food not tasting the way they should be, but I bet you haven’t tasted fifty percent of the worst, or, you know, 50% of what’s on this list. Let’s start?

10. Century Eggs

Decomposing eggs that might as well have been a century old. That’s what century eggs are. If that’s not extreme enough for you, then the look of the eggs might help boosting the wow factor. Who knew that eggs decompose into a greenish blackish jelly like substance?

9. Haggis

Honestly, I don’t think that Haggis is as bizarre as the others in this list. It’s a pudding made up of sheep’s liver, heart, and lungs, encased in sheep stomach which to me sounds like a very tasty sausage.

8. Durian

I may be partial for the next two items in this list, so if you’re going to rank it higher then be my guest. The reason is because I have Filipino blood in my veins, so I don’t really care much for the strong smell of Durian. Nor the next item, which is…

7. Balut

You might have guessed it already what this food is going to be since I already gave you a hint in the previous item that I’m part Filipino. This is, after all, pretty popular. It’s a fertilized duck egg, which if you open it you are going to see the formed duck embryo. Not for the faint of heart who don’t want to see and eat dead little ducklings.

6. Bear Claw

In all of the items here on the list, bear claw is probably the one I’d like to taste best. There’s some sort of manly appeal to it don’t you think? A friend asks you, so what did you have for dinner, and you answer “a bear claw”. Has a nice ring to it, right?

5. Wasp Crackers

You got to hand it to our Asian brothers, they sure know how to enjoy their insects. Let’s take wasps for instance. They mix it in with cookies and crackers.

4. Monkey Brains

Now here is a really weird and dangerous food to eat. Monkey brains. Experts even say that eating monkey brains can lead to cannibalism since we’re almost at the same place as them in the food chain!

3. Live Cobra Heart

Here is another manly dish. Think Stallone in Rambo or Di Caprio in The Revenant, only tougher. Apparently, people in Vietnam believe that if they eat a cobra’s heart while it’s still beating then they will inherit the strength and power of that cobra. So how do they do it? They take the heart, wash it with the cobra’s blood, and swallow it whole while it’s still beating.

2. Casu Marzu

It is a cheese dish that is valued for its decomposition process, and that you have to eat it along with the live wriggling worms inhabiting it. Nuff said.

1. Fried Tarantula

I don’t know about you, but of all the exotic food I’ve listed here, this is probably the creepiest for me because the tarantula is still whole! And, to make matters worse, it’s still hairy. Might as well invite the Wicked Witch of the West to dinner while you’re at it, but don’t tell her you’re cooking one of her pets.