14 Jul 2017

The World’s Top Ten Most Exotic Drinks You’ll Ever Taste

Okay, so the last time we were here, I presented to you the top ten most bizarre food items you can ever put inside your mouth – if you’re not that faint-hearted. Today, though, in drinks, we are going to make a different approach.

I am going to list down the top ten exotic drinks that you can drink in order to impress the lady. Prove to her how manly you are by chugging these drinks at your favorite exotic bar, if you ever find one near your place.

10. Caipirinha

So you are in Rio de Janeiro and you want to impress a bubbly bikini hottie, what drink should you order? The answer? Caipirinha. It’s made up of Cachaca (which is distilled sugar cane juice), fresh lime juice, and sugar. Gisele Bundchen seems to like it, so you’re in a good place.

9. Watermelon Man

This might not be the most creative name for a drink, but it’s still worth to taste it if you’re in Germany and you want to sample a drink other than beer. It’s vodka and watermelon liquer.

8. The Pisco Sour

It is the national drink of Peru. That’s a fun fact to keep in mind. Next time you go to a bar, order this and if a lady asks what you’re drinking, say “Pisco Sour, the national drink of Lima, Peru”. Nice.

7. Singapore Sling

I guess I don’t need to tell you where this drink originated from since it’s pretty obvious. It also sounds delicious to me. It’s gin, cherry brandy, Benedictine, and club soda.

6. Cransoma

The main reason why this drink is even here is because a lot of people think that the combination that makes it up is weird. But personally, I imagine it would be rather delicious. What do you think?  It’s lychee liquer with cranberry vodka, apple juice, strawberry liquer, and finally, tonic water.

5. Krupnik

This is not a cocktail anymore, but a liquer uniquely from Lithuania. If ever you spot this at your local bar, then you should definitely try this. Hint: it’s usually mixed with either vodka or champagne.

4. Platinum Passion

Here’s a drink that sounds like something even James Bond would drink occasionally. It’s made with elegant poisons such as L’esprit de Courvoisier and Ruinart champagne, literally mixed with magic. Magic, meaning, wildflower honey, passion fruit, and forest berries. I wonder how many fairies it take to mix one drink?

3. The Breakfast In Bed

Here is an exotic drink just because it requires a very specific poison: a Vintage 1987 Krug champagne. Mix it with Cointreau, hazelnut liquer, white truffle, and fruit.

2. The Liquid Remedy

This drink actually comes in a rainbow of colors. So it’s up to you which one you’d like to drink. If you’re feeling adventurous and you don’t have anything important to do tomorrow morning then why not try the entire rainbow, at your own risk?

1. Brennivin

And to top the list, there is nothing more manly than taking a shot of Brennivin, which is also the most exotic drink on this list, for me. Here’s a short history lesson about it. It’s from Iceland and you need to drink it after eating a piece of rotten shark meat called hakarl. It’s made from fermented potato pulp and caraway seeds. If the shark meat and Brennivin is not manly enough for her, then I don’t know what else will impress her!