15 Nov 2017

The World’s Top Ten Most Delicious Cakes

Hey guys, how are you doing? The last time we were here for a top ten food list we talked about the top ten most delicious bread in the world. Well, that inspired me a lot (and made me awfully hungry too) so here I am making another list – this time it’s all about cake! Because who doesn’t love cake?! Let’s start!

10. Black Forest Cake

I know what you’re going to say. “What? I’m here to read about special cakes, not the regular chocolate cake or you know, black forest cake.” But hear me out here. I am talking about the original Black Forest cake with the original German name: Schwarzwalder kirschtorte. This German cake which is like an entire cocktail party inside a cake since it’s made with a generous helping of cherry brandy.

9. Cheesecake

Speaking of special cakes, before we go all around the world, let’s reserve a quick space for our very own cheesecake. And it’s all thanks to the person who invented cream cheese back in the 1800s. Whoever you are, thanks bro (or sis).

8. Victoria Sponge

But for those who really like the classics, there’s nothing classier than Great Britain’s Victoria Sponge. Yes, they actually named this cake after Queen Victoria since she was an absolute sweet tooth. Best served with tea if you’re inviting the lady during the afternoon to show off how cultured you are.

7. Baklava

Here’s another one that would be perfect for your afternoon tea as well. Turkey’s Baklava cake, which is technically a sugar bomb filled with pistachios and syrup. Diabetes anyone?

6. Tres Leches

And because we are already in the topic of getting sugar rush, here’s a cake rumored to give even grown men a fit of giggles. Mexico’s Tres Leches cake. The ingredients? Leche of course, and a lot of them. We’re talking about condensed milk with evaporated milk with regular milk, then coated with whipped cream.

5. Tiramisu

I am caught guilty. I haven’t tasted an authentic Italian tiramisu yet. Did you know that it means “pick you up” in Italian because that’s what it is? A cake that will give you that energy boost because it’s originally made with ladyfingers dipped in coffee?

4. Pavlova

This cake has been named after the Russian dancer Anna Pavlova. Here’s a fun fact: it wasn’t invented in Russia. Australia also made a claim. But the first ever Pavlova? The oldest recipe dating back to the 1920s was found in New Zealand. Who’d have thought, right? What makes this cake so special is its meringue coating, carefully protecting that sweet marshmallow-like goodness of a cake inside.

3. Postre Chaja

And because I love meringue (don’t judge), I’ll list down Uruguay’s Postre Chaja at number three since it’s also encased within a meringue shell. What’s inside? Layers of soft cake, cream, and peaches. Mmm…What’s more is that this cake’s recipe still remains a secret by the original family who invented it, which makes it even more special!

2. Lapis Legit

What’s more impressive than a multi-layered cake? The answer: Indonesia’s Lapis Legit which is made by stacking a whopping 18 layers of sponge cake on top of each other before compressing it into one mega-cake.

1. Swedish Princess Cake

Finally at number one is Sweden’s Prinsesstarta or Princess Cake. This cake is so delicious that the country throws a week-long annual celebration for this cake! Not a lot of cakes get this much love and attention I bet. The cake is made of layers of sponge, jam, custard, and whipped cream, then covered with marzipan, with a marzipan flower on top.

Special Mention: Japanese Dorayaki

Anime fans would recognize this as Doraemon’s absolute obsession, but why the special mention? Simple. I love swords and samurais. Check out this cake’s history. It is said that the very first dorayaki was made by an elderly couple who cooked pancakes on a gong left by a wounded samurai they helped recovered during the Edo era. Cool. I wish I had a samurai gong too…and dorayaki of course!