14 Nov 2017

The World’s Top Ten Most Delicious Bread

They say that all countries have their staple food. For a lot of Asian countries, it’s rice. For Italy, it’s pasta. For us Americans though, it’s bread! That or cereals (for me, at least). Kidding aside, let’s get on with our top ten list for today, which is the top ten most delicious bread in the world! I can’t wait! Good thing I have two sandwiches in front of me. I’ll pile it on top of the other. That’s my way. Else, I wouldn’t be able to finish writing this list!

10. Brazil’s Cheese Buns

Also known as Pão de Queijo, these little balls of heaven are a very popular breakfast bread in Brazil. The best thing about it, it’s gluten-free (and it’s still delicious!).

9. Germany’s Pretzel

I know that there are a lot of pretzel stands, but nothing still beats an authentic German pretzel! Just think about it, there has to be a reason behind the widespread selling of pretzels, right?

8. Colombia’s Corncakes

There is nothing like a bread that comes with fillings, that they already fill you up as if you’ve already eaten an entire meal! That is what Colombia’s corncakes are like. Psst! You will find these in Venezuela too.

7. Norway’s Lefse

Speaking of fillings, here’s another bread that goes great with different fillings. Lefse actually looks like a tortilla and it’s commonly used to wrap around different fillings – both sweet and savory. In fact, you can even wrap it around a hotdog.

6. Mexico’s Pan De Muerto

As you might notice from the name, it is the bread that our Mexican bros bake to honor their Day of the Dead. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be dead to enjoy this sweet egg bread!

5. Finland’s Rye Bread

Now before you start complaining that rye bread really isn’t the first bread that comes to mind when we’re talking about the most delicious bread, but I think it best for you to reserve that judgement after tasting the authentic rye bread from Finland. An absolute classic.

4. Jewish Challah

Want to taste bread that was said to have come from God? Yeah, from heaven. Well unfortunately, not unless God takes pity and let it rain bread again, the next possible thing is to build a time machine and go back to the time when the Jewish were on their exodus out of Egypt. That’s when it was said that God fed them manna coming from heaven.  The closest thing that you can taste though is challah, the bread patterned from that special heavenly treat!

3. Italy’s Focaccia

Herbed bread that would go best with pasta? Nothing beats the classic Italian focaccia. Pardon those who love garlic bread but nothing still beats focaccia.

2. India’s Naan

Here’s another flavorful bread: India’s naan. It is a flatbread that is traditionally baked in a special oven, served hot, and brushed with ghee.

1. France’s Baguettes

Nothing beats the classic, don’t you think? It is said that eighty percent of all the bread bought in France are baguettes! Crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, I don’t see how it could be otherwise. And that my friends is our number one bread.