16 Jun 2014

World Cup Watches by TechnoMarine

In honor of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, TechnoMarine – a watch company based in Geneva – has developed an interesting model of watches, in cooperation with Brazilian pop art artist, Romero Britto, who is  the official Ambassador of FIFA 2014 World Cup. Britto is known for modern and brightly colored works, so he would seem like the perfect choice for creating different versions of TechnoMarine watches.

TechnoMarine is now offering Brazil, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Colombia, and Germany watch models, meant to attract more fans or to be a precious souvenir from a unique trip to Brazil. The watches feature a mix of colors and a silicone bracelet which contains a mark of the state. The TechnoMarine features a chronograph function, date display at the “4H” and a quartz movement; it also comes with a spare bracelet and a small figurine of football players, matching the watch’s coloring.