18 Sep 2017

Women Get Turned On By Men Who Look LIke Their Bros (Literally!)

Depending on your point of view – or you know, how good your relationship with your sister is – it is not that big a secret that the whole Jaime and Cersei thing is hot for a lot of men and women.

Women Get Turned On By Men

How about you, have you ever considered doing it with your sister? Or even a really close cousin. I won’t be ashamed to say this because my sister never reads my blogs anyway, but I went through this phase of trying to take a look at her lady parts. I was ten years old, I think, so don’t judge. Now, even Vincenzo and Sarah of the Godfather III sort of disturbs me. I don’t know. It’s personal preference.

But Science Thinks That It May Be Different With The Ladies

A recent study has shed light on a particular theory: that women get more easily turned on with guys who look like their brother.

How did they do it? Well, they looked for volunteers and asked them to bring a picture of their brother and partner. Then they were given a group of four pictures, the picture of their partner included and they were asked to select the person whom their brother looks similar too.

You might already guess the outcome of this research. And let me just say that while some women among the volunteers have chosen guys who do not even share a hair in similar with their brother, most of the women have found subtle resemblance between their brother and their partner (or the celebrity that she likes for some).

I guess being a good brother really does turn on our sisters and they tend to look for that in other guys, much like those girls with father issues…but in a better way, I hope.

Hence, one thing to keep in mind while searching for a partner: take a look at your bros, determine whom you resemble with, ask if he has a sister. Bam. There’s a match.