12 Dec 2013

The Wokart Water Go-Kart

It seems a lot of people just can’t keep their feet on the ground anymore. It sounds boring to them; but that’s certainly not the case with the Wokart. Designed by Dr. Theo Christen, the Wokart takes everything we love about go-karts, and applies it to an asymmetric catamaran that’s ready to tear up the water. I’m sure this will help anyone have fun on the water and make huge waves on the beach.

It’s been 4 rigorous years of testing and development for the Wokart team, but they’re finally ready to approach the retail scene. The designers have put in a lot of time and effort to develop a watercraft that handles just like a go-kart, and the Wokart is the end product. It’s been fitted with a 70 horsepower outboard motor and, as a result, the lightweight water vessel is able to reach speeds of up to 46 mph, all while being able to perform 90-degree turns in an instant –  without flipping over, though. So says Wokart, anywyay.

Expect this cool water vessel to hit the market starting January of 2014, at an estimated price tag of $28,000 USD. Check out the video below and the official webpage for more.