24 Dec 2012

Wicked Triumph Speed Racer Motorcycle by Impoz

We’re on holiday hours these two weeks but.. we’ll try to post a couple of articles now and then, when least expected, so.. stick around, in case you don’t have anything better to do. Here’s a bad-ass bike that looks like something straight out of a Batman movie, a Triumph Speed Racer that was drastically modified by a company called Impoz Design.

Bikers probably know that the Speed Triple is a wonderful bike straight out of the box, with a massive 1,050 cc engine and a pretty unique design with those bug eyed headlamps but the “Impoz Speed Racer” is even better. One year, a small homemade workshop from France, a lot of carbon fiber, and many unique ideas from Benjamin Blanchard – that’s all it took to create this two wheel masterpiece.

The cut down frame was only the start of the project – the entire bodywork of the bike has been crafted from carbon fiber with incredible detail. The bike was lightened as much as possible in an effort to create a minimal concept that will provide maximum sensation for the rider.