11 Jul 2017

Why Is My Crotch Itchy?

Here is the deal. You’ve spent an awesome night with a lady whom you think you’ll never even see again. Drats! You should have gotten her number…or her name. Oh well, you’d rather not think about your mistake until you realize (probably another mistake), that your crotch is terribly itchy.

Crotch Itch

Oh no.

Why is it itchy?

Did you contract something? And that is probably the reason why you are reading this article in the first place. Don’t panic and take deep breaths. We will figure this out.

Maybe it’s just chafing.

What’s chafing, you ask? Chafing occurs with too much rubbing. Oh man, you really had a good time last night so much so that your penis got tired with all that rubbing. You know you have it when you have a red and painful rash that burns. First thing you need to do is to make sure that no more rubbing and irritation occurs. You can apply a soothing lotion to help you out, but mostly it means that you can’t use your friend for now.

Maybe it’s pubic lice.

Now time for the scary part. Maybe you have contracted pubic lice. How do you know? The first thing you would notice if you’ve got it is if you have white or yellowish specks on your pubes. The easiest thing to do about it is to go to a doctor and get it checked. Don’t worry, the doctor will give you a special shampoo or lotion to kill all those pesky pests. Want to watch something horrifying and awesome at the same time? Take a look at good ol’ junior under a microscope and see that your “pets” look like small crabs, hence the term.

Maybe it’s…gulp…herpes.

Itching is sometimes the first symptom, the first ever warning sign, that you have contracted a sexually transmitted infection most likely caused by herpes. How do you know that it’s probably herpes? When the itching turns into a blisters outbreak after just a couple of days. Sadly, we don’t have any cure yet for herpes, but your doctor can give you meds to prevent blister outbreaks and from passing it over to your next sexual partner.

So you see, it does pay a lot to wear protection during sex. And it doesn’t really follow that you already have a sexually transmitted disease just because your crotch is itchy. Just relax, get it checked and whatever you do, don’t scratch!