9 Aug 2017

Why is Cycling so Popular in Japan?

When it comes to modern and highly-advanced technology, Japan would be the first country people would think. They practically invented most of the world’s technology and they are continuously developing inventions that can possibly change the world as we know it. With that kind of perception, one would think that they have some of the most high-tech vehicles to ride. But surprisingly enough, Japanese actually prefer to go old school. Here are some reasons why cycling is so popular in Japan.

Cycling in japan

Owning a car can be a burden.

Just getting the driver’s license alone can already be so expensive, Japanese people are burdened by the price of driving. Not only do they have to submit to the increasing price range of gasoline, they also encounter other expenses along the way. It may be one of the biggest luxurious in a person’s life. However, the bigger something is, the more horrible repercussions are if not used properly. The bigger the car is, the more expensive monthly gasoline fee can be. Compared to those who prefer bikes over cars, they have nothing to worry about.

Biking can be considered as an exercise.

For those who do choose biking over driving, it is not surprising that they tend to be healthier. Biking or cycling can be an exercise especially if a person rides it to long distances. As opposed to vehicles where all you do is just sit in front of the wheel, biking can actually develop strong lower body muscles. Furthermore, biking can also expose a person to fresh air unlike being in a car where the air conditioning is man’s best friend. With the stress of work, biking can be a relaxing getaway while getting some daily exercise done.

Biking is free transportation.

Despite the popular opinion of Japan having highly-populated cities, most of Japan’s cities are actually isolated from one another. Most cities are so widely distributed that people need to take public transportation just to visit the nearest supermarket. Because of this kind of setting, people opt to riding bicycles to go from one place to another because it’s free. As long as you have a bike of your own, you can practically get anywhere. Japan is not so much obsessed with vehicles because biking satisfies their needs just fine.

Perhaps we need to take down notes from the Japanese about their way of living. Not only do they get their exercise done, but they also help the environment. It’s no wonder why Japanese love biking so much.