4 Sep 2012

Whoever Karen Gaurisas is, she’s smoking hot

It’s been just five days since the last time we’ve discovered another Colombian bombshell you guys and gals didn’t know yet, the uber hot Jessica Cediel and… guess what !? Today we’re going to feature another relatively unknown supermodel from that country, a girl with a perfect little body who goes by the name Karen Gaurisas.

Now I don’t know too many things about Karen so.. doing even bother asking me for more info about her. All I know is that she posed a while ago in sexy lingerie for a collection called Svelta and looked scorching hot in the process. I don’t know what’s up with these Colombian supermodels but they all look freaking great in lingerie.

As you can see from any of these photos, she has the right curves in all the right places and an adorable smile that could make you melt instantly. Let’s see if I’m right, you’re free to click on that top photo right now.