12 Aug 2010

Whoever Debora Campillo is, she’s a hottie

Debora Campillo Eden 1

I  really don’t have a clue who Debora Campillo is and… maybe you could help me with some info about her. She’s from Spain I guess and I think she’s either a girl who appeared a couple of times on local TV or maybe she’s a Spanish model because she has a totally rocking body!

Debora Campillo was recently featured in the Spanish mens magazine Eden in a photoshoot where she leaves very little to the imagination. You can see almost every inch of her tight little body and you gotta love this girl’s incredible hand bra poses.

Every girl who hides her juicy boobs only with her hands deserves our full appreciation and if there’s a peach like her in eden then heck, I’d go there too. She even has a pretty big and somehow naughty tattoo on her body and I’m pretty sure you’d love to follow those lines with your fingers or maybe even with your tongue. I’d do that.

Anyway, time to feast your eyes on these pics!