26 Jul 2011

Whoever Celine Brink is, she’s a supernova of hotness

Whoa, we’re kicking off the day with another girl you’ve probably never heard of, Brazilian supermodel Celine Brink, making a rare appearance in lingerie and swimwear for Kiby’s 2011 collection and looking totally drop dead gorgeous in the process. Now… I’m not easily impressed by new girls but holy cats does Celine look freaking hot or what?

I’m not saying that only because she’s a Brazilian supermodel and all girls with this “title” are close to perfection but it’s because her beauty stands out of the pack and seems even more special. I think she looks a bit like Bar Refaeli, so… she’s like a Brazilian version of one of the world’s hottest women right now.

I’ve always dreamed of having a Brazilian supermodel girlfriend and this peach might be exactly what I wanted.  So, in case she ever reads this, I hope she’ll use the contact form and ask me out on a date. ’till that happens, it’s time to feast your eyes on this massive shoot with Celine Brink looking like the definition of smoking hot.