6 Feb 2013

Whoever Caroline Corinth is, she’s ridiculously sweet!

Here’s another uber cute supermodel that you probably don’t know yet, the newest girl posing for Victoria’s Secret, an up and coming hottie from Denmark who goes by the name Caroline Corinth. Now in case this is just the first time you’ve heard of this cutie, don’t worry, you’re not alone here.

She’s just 18 right now and she recently made quite a splash with her photos from the new Victoria’s Secret swimwear collection. She started modeling when she was just 15 and, even though this is just her first appearance in our lives, I’m pretty sure we will hear and see a lot more of her in the future.

She’s one of the cutest/sexiest little minxes I’ve seen lately and she looks absolutely stunning and drool inducing whenever she’s posing in a couple of bikinis. Since she’s now posing for VS, I’m pretty sure we’ll see a couple of awesome lingerie shots with this peach pretty soon. Can’t wait!